Rotterdam International Art Fair 2016


ROTTERDAM, designated Cultural Capital of Europe, is preparing to welcome talented artists from around the world when it hosts the second Rotterdam International Art Fair.

Building on the success of previous edition, the two day art extravaganza, which takes place 9th to 10th September 2016, is a showcase of modern and contemporary art in the beautiful setting of the city’s only remnant of the medieval “De Laurenskerk”. Part of the famous 24 hour Culture program by Rotterdam Festivals is promoted nationwide.

Rotterdam International Art Fair is the place to buy contemporary artworks direct from the exhibitor, such as photographs, illustrations, paintings, sculpture and bespoke crafts. The fair is focused to attract collectors, dealers, agents, buyers, and admirer of art, to enable as much success and sales possible for the exhibitors. With more than 150 exhibitors from 30 countries it's a great opportunity to buy and invest in contemporary works at the inaugural Rotterdam International Art Fair.

The organisers’ entrepreneurial approach give collectors a unique opportunity to buy directly from the artist at an affordable price – and artists the means to bypass the middleman through one-on-one commission-free sales to buyers.

“Our concept is to connect art with art,” explains Joëlle Dinnage and Natal Vallvé directors of organisers The GAA Ltd. “There’s no better way to see contemporary art from around the world than in a venue with personality in a city of culture.”

The Rotterdam International Art Fair is well represented too alongside the best of the international and emerging talent on show. A previous exhibitor ‘Kieran Stiles’ who exhibited at the recent Oxford International Art Fair, also organised by the Global Art Agency, has been extremely impressed by the success.

“For me, being able to meet artists like this personally, see them at work and hear the stories behind their creations is what really makes this event truly special.”

If the success of The GAA Ltd outing is anything to go by, their first Rotterdam International Art Fair event at the Laurenskerk received over 60 testimonials! No doubt the second edition will be yet again another great success, so if you must-have work from your new favourite artist, pencil the dates into your diaries 9th & 10th September 2016.

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LOCATION: De Laurenskerk, Grotekerkplein 27, 3011 GC Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

DATES: Friday 9th September 2016 : 18.00-21.00: Vernissage & Private View. € 10 EUR Saturday 10th September 2016 : 11.00-18.00 Free Entry.